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Friday, April 15, 2011

Mid Falls-My Old Paintings in Japan

Title: Mid Falls

Gouache on  canvass 

Size: Unknown 

I have used this place many times as a subject and will not forget how we jog around the lake park every weekends at naka ike shimouchi city Giifu Prefecture 県岐阜 . We used to buy our breakfast at the convenience store downhill afterwards and came back to eat there and enjoy the relaxing view and the cool breeze of the air. People there are polite and would smile back. An unforgettable place where we used to hang out.
During this season, changes of color can be seen by the leaves of the trees turning from green to orange -red, there you may see the colorful mix of the surrounding. This structure is a restaurant, a French where this restaurant stands is a huge man made pond and a nice park around it. This place has the complete elements, nature sky and a pond.

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