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Monday, August 15, 2011

The CCP Kulo Scandal

My thoughts on the CCP -Kulo Scandal.

I consider myself a part time blogger, a part time artist, and as much as possible I kept my distance from the current issues and focus my attention on creating more pieces of art to show my audience a new piece at least every month to inspire them to engage in activities which they like and enjoy.
I enjoy painting, Its like a piece of memory preserved on a canvass for everyone else would see.
But there is this one event that captured my attention. When a so called artist chose religious items as a subject and experimented with it even in an imaginable way.This is clearly contradictory to my belief that art is supposed to make its audience feel somehow a little good , by appreciating art just by looking at it, you will be amazed how he the artist does it and get inspired. This is totally opposite of what I felt when I saw the pictures from the "Kulo"  exhibit. The term 'kulo' which means boil in English literally had my blood boiling. How could the management of the Cultural Center of the Philippines allow such show of sacrilege?
Where is the respect for the Catholic church?
How could this happen to a catholic country that a person who calls himself artist played on what other people hold sacred.
I can't imagine the hurt that the devotee of the Black Nazarene would feel about this.
Truly these are all man made Images, But they are symbol of faith for Catholics.
Artist or not everyone should be responsible for each one's action and I am sad for that artist.
He should have considered a lot of things or perhaps kept his art for himself.


  1. Thanks for your comment. I really appreciated that a lot!, we have the same view about this exhibit!

  2. I am glad that not all artists are supporters of Mideo Cruz. The Kulo crowd makes it sound that all Filipino artists are supportive of their anti-Christian position and irresponsible freedom of expression.

    Thank you sir and keep on creating beautiful artworks. God bless you.

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