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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"One summer afternoon at Mangodlong" Follow up

Title: "One summer afternoon at Mangodlong"
Landscape Painting
Brand New
Oil on canvass Size:45.75 cm x 61 cm x 2 cm
This painting is one of my favorite, It is quite done, and it reminds me of the feelings that I had felt that summer afternoon at Mangodlong beach Camotes Island Philippines. A feeling of peace, far away from the crowd,the traffic, the smoke, the noisy busy city life. It is good to find a relief from the city every year and for all that penny spent during that vacation, it is all worth it, after that trip, I felt that my batteries are fully charged, lungs cleared, and ready to face the codes(work) again. I want to share this feeling for those of you who are reading my post, Just to see the tiny houses beside the road on the Camotes Island is really inspiring, clean, organized, what more to see the beach. I encourage everyone to take a vacation specially those city people like me. I will post the picture once a got a clear copy for my audience to see

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